Getting Started with ORBIT

1. Create an ORBIT account

To use ORBIT, you will first need to create an ORBIT account (please check the usage policy to see if you are eligible). Simply register for a user account and get it approved by the PI in charge of the project/organization you are a part of. If the particular organization is not available on the user account registration page, the appropriate PI needs to register for an organizational account before you can create your user account.

Please use your institutional email address when registering.

IMPORTANT: Your account needs to be approved by the PI of the project/organization you indicated on your user account registration. Account approvals are NOT handled by ORBIT staff. Please contact the appropriate PI to have your account approved.

2. Setup SSH access

Once your account has been approved, you will need to generate SSH keys and upload them to your account before you can login to a testbed.

3. Learn how to use ORBIT

Now you are ready to access ORBIT resources. Please proceed to the tutorials to familiarize yourself with how ORBIT testbeds are structured as well as how to conduct experiments.

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