xoRBAC seems to have many of the features required for ORBIT RBAC. It is a prototype implementation of unknown reliability though, and it is written in a dynamic scripting language that might lead to maintainability issues. Neumann and Strembeck discuss the design and implementation of an RBAC service xoRBAC in an object-oriented scripting language XOTcl NS01, NS03, and SN04, and Strembeck discusses the implementation of conflict checking of separation of duty constraints in RBAC Str04.

Strembeck describes a role engineering tool xoRET for RBAC in Str05b.

Neumann and Zdun introduce the object-oriented scripting language XOTcl which is based on OTcl from MIT in NZ00. The XOTcl site describes XOTcl as an open source project and has very recent downloadable software and documentation including a XOTcl wiki although the Debian Linux package information shows it to be an orphan that has not been updated since 2001. The XOTcl site also states that XOTcl is included in ActiveTcl that is a product of ActiveState and is available free after signing an education license.

Strembeck describes the application programming interface (API) for xoRBAC in Str06. See xoRBAC for downloadable xoRBAC software.

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