Solaris RBAC Software

Not all ORBIT systems run Solaris. Too bad because Solaris 10 has RBAC built into it. Using it with ORBIT might be a challenge though.

Faden describes the use of RBAC in Solaris UNIX Administration Fad99.

Ben Rockwood's blog entry Using RBAC on (Open)Solaris was posted 30 Sep '05.

Sun's sites Databases that Support RBAC and RBAC Commands

A Sun BluePrint Role-Based Access Control and Secure Shell and a Sun White Paper RBAC in the Solaris Operating Environment

Three pages by Softpanorama (a 'slightly skeptical' Open Source Software Educational Society): Solaris 10 Role Based Access Control (RBAC), RBAC, SOX and Role Engineering in Large Organizations and Privileges and RBAC

Glenn Brunette's Security weblog's Enforcing a Two Man Rule Using Solaris 10 RBAC posted April 30, 2005.

Sawib Ali's e-mail FYI: RBAC for WebApps using LDAP

Hua and Osborn demonstrate that UNIX access control can be modeled with a role graph to enforce it or just to spot design flaws HO98.

Scott Fehrman's Using Sun Java System Identity Manager With RBAC Profiles in the Solaris OS was Sun Microsystem's The BigAdmin System Administration Portal's Feature Article for August 2005 Feh05.

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