NIST RBAC Software

RBAC and the RBAC/Web software is described in David F. Ferraiolo, John F. Barkley, and D. Richard Kuhn's "A Role-Based Access Control Model and Reference Implementation Within a Corporate Intranet," FBK99 or in postscript. An earlier description of RBAC and this NIST software project is in David F. Ferraiolo, Janet A. Cugini, and D. Richard Kuhn's "Role-Based Access Control: Features and Motivations," FCK95 or in postscript. Administration of the RBAC/Web software is discussed in David Ferraiolo and John Barkley's "Specifying and Managing Role-Based Access Control Within a Corporate Intranet," FB97.

This NIST software uses the AT&T Research GraphViz tool's drawing filter dot GKN02 that is available at GraphViz.

The NIST RBAC software from the RBAC/Web Release 1.1 Distribution has been loaded into /home/hedinger/RBAC_v1.1.

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