The main testbed domain is a 20 by 20 grid of nodes each of which has at least 2 wireless interfaces. There are presently 62 generation 3 nodes and 338 generation 1 nodes in the grid.

The Secondary (large) ORBIT domain is the outdoor testbed consisting of 22 nodes deployed throughout Rt 1 and Busch campuses.

In order to support more efficient development, ORBIT also has 9 sandboxes each of which, with the exception of SB4 and SB9, consist of only two nodes and a console. SB4 is interned for experiments that need tight topology control, while SB9 is available exclusively for wired networking (e.g. OpenFlow) experimentation and thus doesn't have any wireless devices attached to the nodes. Please check details on the specific Sandbox being used to ensure that all requirements for an experiment are met.

The overall status of any domain in ORBIT can be seen on the Orbit Visualization page.

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