Orbit Measurement Library (OML)

The ORBIT measurement library (OML), is a distributed software framework enabling real-time collection of data in a large testbed environment.

Although this framework was originally developed for ORBIT, it has been re-factored and significantly extended by Data61 CSIRO to allow its independent deployment on any testbed.

OML has three major components :

  • The OML-Service, which can generate wrapper code for a c/c++ applications to interact with OML and also creates runtime experiment client/server files based on an experiment definition.
  • The OML-Client library, which is deployed on the nodes participating in the experiment and can aggregate and filter data from the applications participating in the experiment and send it to a central server.
  • The OML-Collection-Server, which collects filtered data coming from all nodes involved in the experiment and stores it in a mySQL database.

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