Digital Attenuator Box

Basic Description

This is a device that allows the user to set a level of attenuation between two paths each containing two digitally controlled attenuators. The overall range of the device is -40dB to -101dB.

Block Diagram


To start using the digital attenuator box first go to


At which point the home page will appear. From this point it is possible to move on to the graphic interface by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page labeled "here". From the home page it is also possible to start using the address line command system immediately.

Graphic Interface

Once at the graphic interface the the value of each individual attenuator pair can be set. setting both to the same value will result in that value as the total attenuation across the ports. The entire device can be set turned on or off from this page. The settings of the attenuators can only be changed when the device is on.

Address Line Interface

There are three commands that can be exicuted by typing them into the address of the device.

  1. On - will turn the device on. The values of the attenuators can only be adjusted when the device is on.
  1. Off - will turn the device off.
  1. Set - will adjust the value each attenuator set to the specified value. In the below example code the Value of the first attenuator set will be -75dB and the second set will be -41dB. setting the values to anything outside the usable range (40 - 101) will result in an error.

Detailed Response

Details and Full Response

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