The following are desired and required goals for the first generation chassis manager.

  1. Issue a system reset to the Radio Node
  2. Control the power state of the Radio Node
  3. Obtain Chassis Status
  4. Provide a pass-through Telnet session Radio Node
  5. Provide CM diagnostics. These include:
    1. Remotely identify a CM from the CMC: An “Identify” command issued from the CMC causes the CM to blink a local highly-visible “Identify LED” twice/second for approximately a 20 second period.
    2. Identify a node at the CMC from the CM: A momentary contact button on the Grid Node Chassis generates an IDENTIFY message to the CMC. The CMC then blinks the Identify LED at a high rate for approximately two seconds. This assists in physical verification of node placement and a quick test of end-to-end connectivity with the CMC.
    3. Provide a Telnet session to the CM console: The CM provides a “pass-through” Telnet session to the serial console of the CM. A device can create this connection by starting a telnet session to the IP address of the CM using port 23. The Telnet session and the directly RS232 connected 57600 baud console session provides a menu driven interface to control CM functions. A sample of the menu driven CM console session is shown in Figure 2.
    4. Provide a means to reset (reboot) the CM (both locally and remotely): The CM accepts a reset command from a momentary contact push button switch on the CM, a push button switch on the NodeID box, or from a “console” session directly connected or through a telnet session.
  1. Provide a means to locally interrogate the Grid Position of the node: The identity of the CM is determined by reading the “grid position” from the NodeID box EEPROM. This “grid position” is the either the x,y coordinate of the node, or the ID number of a non-Grid node. The “grid position” is used to create the static IP address of the CM.. The static IP address space of the ORBIT system is defined in Table 1 below.
Static IP Address Component
10.1.—-.—- CM Grid and non-Grid components
10.1.x.y Main grid coordinate (x,y)
10.1.100+N,x|y Sandbox Grid N and coordinate (x,y)
10.1.100.y Support Grid node y Chassis Manager Controller Error default CM address
Table 1 Orbit Static IP Address Space

  1. Provide local visual indication of node operational status: The CM provides an indicator that the CM is running (a slowly blinking LED).
  2. Provide a control API to the Experiment Controller: The EC and CMC implement a management communications protocol to exchange command and status information. This protocol is defined later in this document.

All commands processed by the Chassis Manager Controller generate a reply message to indicate whether the command was executed successfully or not.


PCI slot and mini-PCI slot


Generic platform (i.e. no bus dependency) with full http/ssh support

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