This image has everything baseline baseline-7.11.ndz but we upgaded:

The /misc/src/ is a NFS automount to commonly used source code experimenters may rely upon. We take advantage of this and keep a wireless-testing.git repository there updated daily to reflect upstream. With the compat-wireless package installed on the baseline you can now easily get the latest updates by taking the following steps:

cd /usr/src/compat-wireless-2.6/
# Get the latest compat-wireless-2.6 changes first
# Now lets pull the latest changes from our local GIT_TREE on the NFS directory
# If we want to try to hack on any drivers or mac80211 we can do so now
# Once you are done compile the wireless subsystem
# Finally install it
make install
# Now to load your drivers, first you must unload your current wireless subsystem drivers
make unlaod
# Now load the driver you need, whether it be ath5k, or ipw2200
modprobe ath5k
modprobe ipw2200

You can switch between MadWifi and ath5k easily:

To load MadWifi:

athload madwifi

To load ath5k:

athload ath5k


  • Size:

The image is now 280 MB, which is a considerable size increase. We will work on reducing this but some compromises will need to be be made.

  • baseline.ndz

Until the size issues are resolved baseline.ndz will not point to this image.

  • Bridging:

The baseline has bridge-utils, some users were using a "specialized" image for bridging but this is unnecessary.

  • Issues with 2.6.24:

Debian has now moved from 2.6.22 to 2.6.24. If you try to apt-get dist-upgrade you will be moved to 2.6.24, but there is a bug with 2.6.24 that affects our nodes. The oops happens before serial access is even available so the only way to see this is if you have a VGA monitor connected. Just for reference the following is the oops and it will be looked into.

The oops bellow was transcribed from a picture. The same oops occurs separate nodes.

GRUB Loading stage 1.5.

GRUB loading, please wait...
Uncompressing Linux... OK, booting the kernel.

BUG: Int 6: CR2 00000000
        EDI 00000000 ESI 00001000 EBP 00000020 ESP c0373f54
        EBX c03e5140 EDX 00000006 ECX 00000000 EAX c034f3e0
        err 00000000 EIP c038938e  CS 00000060 flg 00010082
Stack:  00000000 00100000 00003c00 c039a9ec c03b934c c0373fe8 c03800c8 c039a9ec
        c037d0b8 00000083 00000000 c0304c47 00000000 00000071 c039a9ec c03b934c
        c0373fe8 00000071 c039a9ec c03b934c c0373fe8 c037d4ef c0304a7e 000001df


0adbc62da22049f9c04e0a9657c7bef1 baseline-8.2.ndz

Some additional notes:

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