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Tutorial TOC

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ORBIT Tutorials

1. Basic Tutorial

This section gives an introduction to the ORBIT testbed, its capabilities and its operations. It also presents the basic knowledge required to write and execute experiments for the testbed.

If you are new to the ORBIT testbeds, reading and running the tutorial in this section should help you getting started.

The first part of this tutorial briefly describes the ORBIT Testbed, its system architecture and its hardware and software components. The second part presents and describes a simple "Hello World" experiment with one sender and one receiver. The third and concluding part covers the collection an interpretation of measurements and results of an experiments on the ORBIT testbed.

2. More Tutorials

After completing the above basic tutorial, you should have a better understanding of using the ORBIT testbed to experiment your ideas, algorithms, or protocols. The tutorials in this second section further explore the various ORBIT functions that will help you write and execute more advanced experiments.

Finally, some more detailed information and references can be found on the Documentation page

2.1 Tutorials on controlling the testbed nodes

2.2 Tutorials for various type of experiments

About commands and applications

About topologies

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