How to switch On/Off the nodes of a Testbed

To switch some nodes On/Off on the 'grid' testbed, use the command:

omf tell -a on -t all

will turn On the entire set of 20x20 nodes on the grid.

omf tell -a offs -t,,,

will turn Off (soft, that is attempt a graceful shutdown) the nodes 3,1 and 5,6 and 1,1 and 1,2

omf tell -a offh -t,,,

will turn Off (hard, that is "hold down" the power button) the nodes 3,1 and 5,6 and 1,1 and 1,2

Learning More

The complete available options for this command is given by "omf help tell":

 user@console.grid:~$ omf help tell
 Switch ON/OFF and reboot the nodes in a testbed
      omf tell -a ACTION [-h] [-t TOPOLOGY] [-c AGGREGATE]
      -h, --help           print this help message
      -a, --action ACTION  specify an action
      on              turn node(s) ON
      offs            turn node(s) OFF (soft)
      offh            turn node(s) OFF (hard)
      reboot          reboots node(s) (soft)
      reset           resets node(s) (hard)
      -c, --config AGGREGATE    use testbed AGGREGATE
      -t, --topology TOPOLOGY   a valid topology file or description (defaults to 'system:topo:all')
      Some Examples: 
                    omf tell -a reset
                    omf tell -a on -t system:topo:all -c grid
                    omf tell -a reboot -t omf.nicta.node1
                    omf tell -a offs -t omf.nicta.node1,omf.nicta.node2 -c sb1
                    omf tell -a offh -t system:topo:all
                    omf tell -a reset -t topo_grid_active

Of particular interest is the -t flag which can be used to specify arbitrary topolgies. These can be of the form "nodex1-y1.fqdn,nodex2-y2.fqdn,…"

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