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Building the ipw2200 driver on our baseline images

First be sure to get the requirements to build any kernel driver on our image by reviewing BuildingDrivers. The ipw2200 driver relies on the ieee80211 stack provided by Intel. As such the latest ipw drivers always rely on the latest ieee802111 releases. The latest drivers also always require the latest ipw firmware files for the hotplug subsystem. So we need then three sources:

  • ieee80211

cp -a /misc/src/ipw2200/ieee80211-1.2.16/ /usr/src/

  • ipw2200

cp /misc/src/ipw2200/ipw2200-1.2.1/ /usr/src/

  • ipw2200-fw

cp /misc/src/ipw2200/ipw2200-fw-3.0/* /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/

Now to start you will need to build ieee80211 first and then install it. Only then will you be able to start hacking on ipw2200 sources and reliably compile it.

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