WiSHFUL Platform

The WiSHFUL project (Wireless Software and Hardware platforms for Flexible and Unified radio and network controL) is an open software platform used for radio control and network protocol development. It consists of a number of unified programming interfaces (UPI) supporting:

  • Radio control
  • Network control
  • Intelligent Control experimentation support

The platform offers clean separation between radio control functions and protocol logic and data/control/management plane breaking the current monolithic implementation of wireless stacks, thus alleviating future radio driver and networking software development efforts drastically, while preserving reliability and time accuracy constraints of radio and networking operations.Conceptual view of the blocks in the WiSHFUL software architecture is shown in Figure 1.

WiSHFUl Block Diagram

Radio Control

Flexible radio control in WiSHFUL enables time-critical execution of hardware commands and fine-grained extraction of radio information for monitoring purposes, localization and other physical layer. This UPI also provides unified interface towards network control.

Network Control

Supports on the fly deployment/composition of protocol stacks and includes library of protocols. ¤ unified interface towards services

Intelligent control

Support for experimentation with node-level/network-level/cross-network decisions on radio and network operation driven by domain-specific demands and taking into account external policies.

Portable Testbed

WiSHFUL also developed portable that can be deployed easily and efficiently at any location to support validation of wireless solutions in the real world, with the same (remote) experiment control features as current fixed FIRE test facilities.


Number of WiSHFUL tutorials are available in ORBIT including:


The WiSHFUL project is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme.

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