omf stat

This omf command is used to display the power status of the node/domain.

Usage: omf stat

username@consoles.outdoor:omf stat
Returns the status of the nodes in a testbed
      omf-5.4 stat [-h] [-s] [-t TOPOLOGY] [-c AGGREGATE]
      -h, --help                print this help message
      -s, --summary             print a summary of the node status for the testbed
      -c, --config AGGREGATE    use testbed AGGREGATE
      -t, --topology TOPOLOGY   a valid topology file or description (defaults to 'system:topo:all')
      Some Examples: 
                    omf-5.4 stat
                    omf-5.4 stat -s
                    omf-5.4 stat -t omf.nicta.node1,omf.nicta.node2 -c sb1
                    omf-5.4 stat -t system:topo:all -c grid

Individual nodes are identified in the output of stat command by their fully qualified domain name (FQDN). This establishes their "coordinates" and the "domain" to which they belong. Nodes in different domains typically can NOT see each other. Node can be in 1 of 3 states:

POWEROFF Node is Available for use but turned off
POWERON Node is Available and is on
NOT REGISTERED Node is not Available for use

Example: omf stat on the outdoor domain

user@console.outdoor:~# omf stat -t all

 INFO NodeHandler: OMF Experiment Controller 5.4 (git 6d34264)
 INFO NodeHandler: Slice ID: default_slice (default)
 INFO NodeHandler: Experiment ID: default_slice-2012-10-14t14.42.15-04.00
 INFO NodeHandler: Message authentication is disabled
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:stdlib
 INFO property.resetDelay: value = 210 (Fixnum)
 INFO property.resetTries: value = 1 (Fixnum)
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:eventlib
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:stat
 INFO Topology: Loading topology ''.
 INFO property.nodes: value = "system:topo:all" (String)
 INFO property.summary: value = false (FalseClass)
 INFO Topology: Loading topology 'system:topo:all'.
 Talking to the CMC service, please wait
 Node:   	 State: NOT REGISTERED
 Node:   	 State: POWEROFF
 Node:    State: POWEROFF
 Node:    State: POWEROFF
 Node:   	 State: POWERON
 Node:   	 State: POWERON
 Node:   	 State: POWEROFF
 Node:   	 State: POWEROFF
 Node:   	 State: POWERON
 Node:   	 State: POWEROFF
 Node:   	 State: NOT REGISTERED
 Node:   	 State: POWERON
 INFO Experiment: Switching ON resources which are OFF
 INFO EXPERIMENT_DONE: Event triggered. Starting the associated tasks.
 INFO NodeHandler: 
 INFO NodeHandler: Shutting down experiment, please wait...
 INFO NodeHandler: 
 INFO run: Experiment default_slice-2012-10-14t14.42.15-04.00 finished after 0:6

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