omf tell

OMF command to control the power state/reset the nodes.

Usage: omf tell

user@console:omf tell
Switch ON/OFF and reboot the nodes in a testbed
      omf tell [-h] -t TOPOLOGY -a ACTION [-c AGGREGATE]
      -h, --help           print this help message
      -a, --action ACTION  specify an action
      on              turn node(s) ON
      offs            turn node(s) OFF (soft)
      offh            turn node(s) OFF (hard)
      reboot          reboots node(s) (soft)
      reset           resets node(s) (hard)
      -h, --help                print this help message
      -t, --topology TOPOLOGY   a valid topology file or description (MANDATORY)
      -c, --config AGGREGATE    use testbed AGGREGATE
      Some Examples: 
                    omf tell -a reset -t
                    omf tell -a on -t system:topo:all -c grid
                    omf tell -a reboot -t node1-1
                    omf tell -a offh -t [1..2,1..5]
                    omf tell -a offh -t system:topo:all
                    omf tell -a reset -t system:topo:imaged

The commands are: on, offh (equivalent to pulling out the power cord), offs (software shutdown), reboot (software reboot) and reset (hardware reset).

Example: turn off node1-1 on the outdoor domain

user@console.outdoor:~# omf tell -a offh -t node1-1

 INFO NodeHandler: OMF Experiment Controller 5.4 (git 3fb37b9)
 INFO NodeHandler: Reading configuration file /etc/omf-expctl-5.4/services.yaml
 INFO NodeHandler: Add domain http -
 INFO NodeHandler: Add domain http -
 INFO NodeHandler: Slice ID: default_slice (default)
 INFO NodeHandler: Experiment ID: default_slice-2014-09-30t00.24.28.504-04.00
 INFO NodeHandler: Message authentication is disabled
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:stdlib
 INFO property.resetDelay: resetDelay = 230 (Fixnum)
 INFO property.resetTries: resetTries = 1 (Fixnum)
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:eventlib
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:winlib
 INFO Experiment: load system:exp:tell
 INFO property.nodes: nodes = "node1-1" (String)
 INFO property.command: command = "offh" (String)

Talking to the CMC service, please wait
 Node:   	 Reply: OK

 INFO EXPERIMENT_DONE: Event triggered. Starting the associated tasks.
 INFO NodeHandler: 
 INFO NodeHandler: Shutting down experiment, please wait...
 INFO NodeHandler: 
 INFO run: Experiment default_slice-2014-09-30t00.24.28.504-04.00 finished after 0:10

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