omf exec

Usage: omf exec

user@console: omf exec

OMF Experiment Controller 5.4 (git 9ac2ff9)

Execute an experiment script

Usage:  exec [OPTIONS] ExperimentName [-- EXP_OPTIONS]

	ExperimentName is the filename of the experiment script
	[EXP_OPTIONS] are any options defined in the experiment script
	[OPTIONS] are any of the following:

    -a, --allow-missing              Continue experiment even if some nodes did not check in
    -C, --configfile FILE            File containing local configuration parameters
    -c, --config NAME                Configuration section from the config file ('default' if omitted)
    -d, --debug                      Operate in debug mode
    -i, --interactive                Run the experiment controller in interactive mode
    -l, --libraries LIST             Comma separated list of libraries to load (defaults to [system:exp:stdlib,system:exp:eventlib])
        --log FILE                   File containing logging configuration information
    -m, --message MESSAGE            Message to add to experiment trace
    -n, --just-print                 Print the commands that would be executed, but do not execute them
    -p, --print URI                  Print to the console the content of the experiment resource URI
    -o, --output-result FILE         File to write final state information to
    -e, --experiment-id EXPID        Set the ID for this experiment, instead of the default standard ID
    -O, --output-app                 Display STDOUT & STDERR output from the executed applications
    -r, --reset                      If set, then reset (reboot) the nodes before the experiment
    -S, --slice NAME                 Name of the Slice where this EC should operate
    -s, --shutdown                   If set, then shut down resources at the end of an experiment
    -t, --tags TAGS                  Comma separated list of tags to add to experiment trace
        --oml-uri URI                The URI to the OML server for this experiment
    -x, --extra-libs LIST            Comma separated list of libraries to load in addition to [system:exp:stdlib,system:exp:eventlib]
        --slave-mode EXPID           Run in slave mode in disconnected experiment, EXPID is the exp. ID
        --slave-mode-resource NAME   When in slave mode, NAME is the HRN of the resource for this EC
    -h, --help                       Show this message
    -v, --version                    Show the version

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