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Description of Proposed Feature

  1. A new protocol option for otg to use non-blocking sockets for sending. (no changes for OTR)
  2. re-use LIBMAC 's send function to send raw packets in OTG
  3. a new 32-bit RX-timestamp libmac parameter reported by OTR.
  4. make libmac a dynamically-loadable option
  5. add sender-ip address to the flow table
  6. Multicasting for OTG


Feature Number Feature Name Status Comment
1 done This is to be in release .1.1.5, but has compilation problems with glibc, Need to be fixed!!!
2 pending find the problem of current raw socket first.
3 done done in rel-1.1.4
4 pending
5 done shall be in rel-1.1.6 (require major changes in prototype files)
6 pending
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