We're presently hiring two undergraduate project programmers (UPPs). Joe Miklojcik (jfm3@…) has documentation on applicants and their interviews. Here was the job posting to the ruslug ( mailing list.

  Subject: 	P/T Work for WINLAB
  Date: 	Wed, 13 Sep 2006 13:59:54 -0400

  I have an excellent opportunity for two undergraduate student system
  programmers.  This is part time work doing programming, system
  administration, and network administration for WINLAB, the Wireless
  Information Network Laboratory, as part of an NSF grant funded research


  - You should be personally interested in Linux and/or networking.
    Even a little experience running Linux systems or complex networks
    is a big plus.

  - You must be able to work at least 5 unscheduled and 5 scheduled
    hours a week on Busch campus, without becoming distracted from your
    studies.  Having your own car is a huge plus.

  - You must be a first, second, or third-year student.  You should
    be planning to major in a technical field, such as Engineering or
    Computer Science.

  - You need not have any prior work experience, although any you have
    will be considered.


  - Offices on Busch Campus.

  - Excellent for your Resume or CV.

  - We insist that your studies come first. Time off for study or to
    match the University calendar is easy to come by.

  - Interesting, challenging, and satisfying work.

  - Summer work available.


UPPs generally don't have cars, so we're giving them hotel-style offices in room 513 at CoRE.

We're going to try to make the scheduled time for both students the same so someone can meet with them at least a half day each week if need be.

We need to get two "slash cards" for these students.

Potential Projects

  • clean out our rooms at CoRE, and set up workstations appropriately. The network there also seems to be in a curious arrangement.
  • move some stuff to storage in the old Winlab building.
  • do maintenance on, and extensions to, Trac.
  • incremental improvements to WINLAB infrastructure, such as moving from NIS+ to LDAP.
  • receptionist kiosk and meeting room scheduler
  • useful large display output in control room
    • replace the cardboard diagram in the switch closet if nothing else
    • output from network monitoring tools
  • development of software used with ARUBA

Ivan claims there is a "near infinite amount of work."

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