Testing the fcast application that uses ALC reliable multicast

All scripts are in (~/ in the rest of the document is equivalent to /home/kishore).

Important scripts

  • - This is run on the sending node.
  • - This is run on all receiving nodes.
  • - This is the main script that runs the above scripts on the sending and receiving nodes as well as collects data on the experiment run.

Steps to run Experiment

  • Image nodes on the grid - [3,1] and all nodes from [4,1] to [15,20] (except [5,10] which is a dead node). There is a ruby script in my home directory called imageSubset.rb (which images all nodes from [4,1] to [15,20] except [5,10]), which you can use.
imageNodes [3,1] baseline-fcast.ndz
ruby imageSubset.rb
  • Turn these nodes ON -
wget -O - "http://cmc:5012/cmc/nodeSet?nodes=[4..15,1..20]"
wget -O - "http://cmc:5012/cmc/nodeSet?nodes=[3,1]"
  • Once the nodes are ON,
    • cd ~/Test-MCL
    • mkdir directory-for-this-run -
      mkdir 240nodes-run12
    • Make sure the sender (node3-1) has the directory you wish to transfer using multicast (for e.g. ~/Test-MCL/512B contains 10000 512 byte files, ~/Test-MCL/512B-5000 contains 5000 512 byte files).
      cd ~/Test-MCL
      scp -r 512B-5000 root@node3-1:/root/
    • Modify according to the directory you want to transfer - for e.g. to transfer 512B-5000, should contain the following command:
      fcast -R -send -a225.1.2.3/2323 -v0 -ospeed -plan -force /root/512B-5000 &> $1 &
    • Copy to node3-1 (sender):
      cd ~/Test-MCL
      scp root@node3-1:/root/
    • Copy to all receiving nodes:
      cd ~/Test-MCL
    • Start experiment:
      cd ~/Test-MCL
      ./ 240nodes-run12 &> 240nodes-run12/240nodes-run12.txt
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