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Testbed switch layout

overview of port configurations. list down how many ports go to what. Below is an example from sw-sb-01:

Each testbed requires 2 ports each for CM, Control, and Data links for the nodes, a Control VLAN link to the Console, and a trunk link to the top switch. As an OpenFlow switch, we also need a dedicated port to connect the switch to a controller. In the aggregate switch ports are allocated in the following numbers:

  • CM: 12 ports (2 per SandBox)
  • Control: 18 ports - 12 for nodes, + 6 for Console links
  • Data: 12 (as with CM)
  • OpenFlow control VLANs: 2 (to controller - two to make things tidy)
  • Trunk: 4 (leftover)


list of VLANs on switch, and what they are for, in a table or terminal capture of command show vlan list (given VLANs are described there). Another example from sw-sb-01:

VLAN 3 (CM) is consistent across all SandBoxes. Each sb has its own Control and Data VLANs as such:

TestbedControl VLANData VLAN

In addition, VLAN 100 is the defacto VLAN for the !OpenFLow control channel at WINLAB.

Port Assignments

switch diagram, followed by output of command show port vlan. template for the diagram can be found as attachment below.

**output to "show port vlan" here**

Legacy Configurations

Any notable CLI configurations should be noted here.

OpenFlow configurations

Each VLAN is its own virtual switch. The following is the contents of openflow.conf.

**"showswitch" output from terminal here
**"cat /mnt/openflow.conf" output here**
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