When installing omg-aggmgr note the following:

  1. In ogs.rb add variable that represents root directory of the application
    DEF_VAR_PATH ="/usr/share/omf-aggmgr-5.2/omf-aggmgr"
  2. In method register in ogs.rb add root path to server content
      #Lets add root path to static server/service content
      cfg.merge!('varPath' => "#{DEF_VAR_PATH}")
  3. Add file handler to public_html directory in startServer method. This is necessary for grid status front-end and for new scheduler developing.
      path = DEF_VAR_PATH + "/public_html" 
      @@server.mount("/public_html/", HTTPServlet::FileHandler, path) {
        raise HTTPStatus::NotFound, "#{path} not found."
  4. Check location of favicon.ico file and put correct path in file handler to /favicon.ico. Currently, on internal2 favicon.ico is located under /public_html directory and path is changed to point to that location.
      path = DEF_VAR_PATH + "/public_html/favicon.ico" 
      @@server.mount("/favicon.ico", HTTPServlet::FileHandler, path ) {
        raise HTTPStatus::NotFound, "#{path} not found."
  5. Content of public_html directory currently is not part of omg-aggmgr svn project. It contains grid status front-end application and developing ajax files for new scheduler. In a case of moving or re-installing omg-aggmgr, this directory should be saved.
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