Matlab Notes Notes for installing Matlab 2014a on node1-1 of sb2.

Current Image name: baseline-matlab-12-04-64bit-3.8.0-35-generic.ndz

  1. The Matlab install is big and requires a 64bit kernel (no 32bit installer avialable from software). Image was loaded with the following omf command
    omf load -t -i baseline-ubuntu-12-04-64bit-3.8.0-35-generic.ndz -r 40
    Note the -r 40 which indicates to resize the partition to 40 GB.
  2. Once imaged I copied the file to the node and logged in as root.
  3. I needed to install the java-run time library and the unzip tool to get the installer started.
    apt-get update
    apt-get install unzip default-jre
  4. The installer launches (will need x11 forwardwing). Follow the installers prompts and choose web based activation. Additionally I specified the install dir as /opt/MATLAB/2014a
  5. Once the install is complete, matlab will fail to launch because of a missing library (even with the -nodisplay flag): . There is apparently an apt-package for this library.
     apt-get install libxmu6
    Once This is installed, matlab should sucessfully launch (same x11 forwarding fiat).

Note: As an aside I made symbolic links to /bin/true for /usr/bin/wimaxd and /usr/sbin/wimaxd. This is apparently needed for OMF to function properly.

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