Topology 2: Simple Hotspot AP scenario with a distribution of clients (at different PHY rates)


This represents a typical hotspot AP scenario with a distribution of users (both near the AP, on the edge of the AP coverage and some in the middle. Users will experience links with different sustainable PHY rates in this scenario.


In order to achieve this, the following steps are needed

  • The corner node (1,2) is selected as the AP
  • Select the set of nodes on the grid as required (clients)
  • Disable autorate adaptation in the card
  • Set the PHY rates to fixed rates based on the distribution required by the experimenter


The script to run this experiment can be found here

Sample Results

We plot the total system throughput using the experiment script provided below. This is compared against the system throughput obtained if all the clients in the experiment experienced 54 Mbps links. The results indicate that users at the edge of coverage affect the total system throughput.

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