The lv-678 working bios version is 11c1. It can be installed by using the USBboot disk Documented here Internal/USBBoot This is the “latest” bios and it works however there are a few caveats.

  1. The 2nd (eth1) interface CANNOT Pxe boot. It will crash.
  2. Since the bios settings are VERY sensitive to what the paramters are set to I’ve made a copy of it on the CMOS backup disk (lv678-9-29-2011). The bios settings names are not properly mapped to the flags they set, so changing some parameters has no effect, while changing others causes unexpected behavior.
  3. As of now the working configuration has both pxeroms enabled, but only boots from IBA GBE 20. The second and Third boot device are USB DEVICE and HARD DISK respectively.
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