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save Command

Nodehandler save command is used for capturing the current image of the node into an archive file on the image server. The set of command line options for imaging function are given by "orbit help save":

Save a disk image from a given node into an archive file

      omf save [-h]
      omf save [NODE] [DOMAIN]

      -h, --help    print this help message
      NODE          a valid node description
                    (no default here, you have to enter a node!)

      Some Examples:
                    omf save [5,10]
                    omf save [11,2] grid

Imaging process starts by the request from the nodehandler to the PXE grid service to set the tftp server to provide the PXE image for the node's IP address. The nodehandler will then request the specified node to reboot itself (trough CMC Grid Service request) and thus load that PXE image into RAM (see Internal/Infrastructure/PXEImage). Once the node checks in with the PXE's nodeagent, the nodehandler will ask the node's nodeagent to save the current image it has loaded on disk by issuing the following command (TCP port 9006):

S 10.DOMAIN.X.Y SAVEIMAGE frisbee:/export/orbit/image/tmp node-X-Y-DOMAIN-timestamp.ndz

The nodeagent running on the node will then create /mnt/, mount the remote NFS server image path onto /mnt and issue the following command:

imagezip /dev/hda /mnt/node-X-Y-timestamp.ndz

Once nodeagent is done the node will be turned off by the nodehandler trough the CMC service.

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