Gets the locations of the most recent checkin

SELECT check_in.time, locations.x,locations.y,testbeds.node_domain 
FROM check_in 
LEFT JOIN locations ON = 
LEFT JOIN testbeds ON locations.testbed_id = 
ORDER BY `check_in`.`time`  DESC

X,Y coordinates of a specific device:

SELECT locations.x,locations.y,nodes.motherboard_id,device_kinds.description
FROM nodes
LEFT JOIN locations ON nodes.location_id =
LEFT JOIN devices ON nodes.motherboard_id = devices.motherboard_id
LEFT JOIN device_kinds on devices.device_kind_id =
(devices.device_kind_id = 41 OR devices.device_kind_id = 32)
AND locations.testbed_id = 1
ORDER BY locations.x,locations.y
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