Summary Info on Current Status for 802.11 Devicescape Stack

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Devicescape Inc. Summary

  • Wi-Fi software specialist Instant80211 has renamed itself Devicescape Software Inc. in Feb. 2005.
  • Devicescape mainly sells Universal Wireless Platform (UWP) product which includes
    • Linux kernel
    • Devicescape wireless subsystem (a device-independent IEEE 802.11 software core)
    • An Eclipse based integrated development environment (Devicescape Studio)& command-based development environment.
    • Wireless-specific tools for the 802.11 subsystem
    • GNU toolchain
    • Build scripts and makefiles
  • UWP supports Atheros (AR5213), Broadcom (BCM4306/4309/4320), Conexant radios.

Architecture Diagram for Devicescape Inc. UWP

Summary on Linux 802.11 stack situation

  • There exists a wireless-2.6 tree on maintained by John Linville. Upcoming in-kernel stack/drivers will be pushed upwards (to Linus) via this tree.
  • There are two candidate stacks on the tree:
    • softmac stack: based on the current ieee80211 stack in the kernel with improvements+recent patches.
    • devicescape (a.k.a dscape, or d80211) stack: is another stack written and recently GPL'ed by Devicescape Inc.
  • Although devicescape has some advantages in functionality (like full WPA support), softmac is likely to be merged into upstream due to some issues in stability, compatibility etc.
  • Both stacks seem to stay under concurrent development (at least for a while)

Functions Supported at d80211 stack

  • Obvious Functions : various send/receive and their lower/higer layer interfaces etc.
  • BSS join/scan
  • 802.11e/WMM parameter set handling, and packet→queue classification
  • (De)authentication
  • Encryption (wep, wpa, tkip/aes)
  • IBSS create/find/join/merge
  • Basic stat/info dump to /proc
  • A simple rate control algorithm
  • Interface for HostAPd

Devicescape stack is accessible from as a git project named 'wireless-dev'.

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