Netgear AC341U External LTE Modem

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Vendor Netgear
Device Netgear 341u
Interface type USB
Device ID
Driver Netgear Propriterary
see docs
Technology LTE

This device is a usb connected LTE modem. It's behavior is some what different than most other USB connected wireless devices. Instead of showing up a proper LTE device in connected machine's Operating system, it shows up as a plain Ethernet device and a separate serial device (in Linux). Connection state is managed via AT commands in the serial device. The Ethernet device receives dhcp information from either the internal dchp server (NAT mode) or via the up-linked network (pass through mode).

The device operates in the following LTE bands:

Band TX [MHz] RX [MHz]
Band 25 (FDD) 1850-1915 1930-1995
Band 26 (FDD) 814-849 859-894
Band 41 (TDD) 2496-2690
Software Setup

Driver Install Instructions

Hardware Setup

The device requires registered SIM for proper operations.

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