The following milestones have been achieved since the ORBIT project kicked off in the last quarter of 2003.

  • 3/07 - Initial support for integrated experimentation and virtualization support demonstrated at the GENI Wireless Working Group Workshop
  • 3Q-06 - ORBIT infrastructure extended for vehicular experiments
  • 2Q-06 - Field trial system ready for initial user trials, outdoor radio grid begins final installation and trial tests.
  • 1Q-06 - 20x20 grid with mobility, etc., ready for general release.
  • 11/05 - 5 general use sandboxes released. 5 more sandboxes consisting of a kernel development platform, mote development environment, and GNU Radio workbench also deployed.
  • 5/05 - Installation of 20x20 radio grid in new ORBIT facility. Trial experiments and calibration tests begin. Initial userbase begin adapting their experiments for deployment on large grid
  • 12/04 - 8x8 radio grid in ORBIT facility, v1.0 software, ready for initial user trials (limited emulator release)
  • 7/04 - 4x4 radio grid with DARPA pilot project experiments demonstrated during NSF site visit
  • 4/04 - 4x4 radio grid with new ORBIT radio node and v0.9 software (main functions implemented)
  • 1/04 - 2x2 radio grid with CompuLab 586 nodes (trial hardware), API, user portal and Emulab cluster and simple network management.

Future Milestones

  • Develop a control framework for integrated wired and wireless experimentation
  • Exploring various schemes to support virtualization of wireless resources
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