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Working with GNU and Nutaq


This example will demonstrate how to use GRC (GNU Radio Companion) with Nutaq's Zepto SDR.

Set up

To get started, make a reservation on the grid and then load the ubuntu-14-04-64bit-sdr.ndz on two nodes - one node with a Zepto SDR and the other node a USRP. For this example we'll use node20-13 and node20-20 which have a Zepto SDR and USRP, respectively.

nilanjan@console.grid:~$ omf load -i ubuntu-14-04-64bit-sdr.ndz -t [[20,13],[20,20]]

Turn on both nodes and verify that the interface to each SDR is configured correctly. Verify connection to Zepto SDR:

ifconfig eth2 netmask mtu 9000 up

Verify connection to USRP:

ifconfig eth2 netmask mtu 9000 up

Run the GRC scripts

Download the receiver zepto_rx.grc into node20-13 and open it with GNU Radio Companion.

root@node20-13:~# cd /opt/Nutaq/ADP6/ADP_MicroTCA/sdk/gnuradio/gr-nutaq/examples
root@node20-13:/opt/Nutaq/ADP6/ADP_MicroTCA/sdk/gnuradio/gr-nutaq/examples# wget
root@node20-13:/opt/Nutaq/ADP6/ADP_MicroTCA/sdk/gnuradio/gr-nutaq/examples# cd ..
root@node20-13:/opt/Nutaq/ADP6/ADP_MicroTCA/sdk/gnuradio/gr-nutaq#sh &

A window should pop up similar to the following:

Next download the transmitting side usrp_tx.grc and open with GNU Radio Companion.

root@node1-1:~# wget
root@node1-1:~# gnuradio-companion

A window should pop up similar to the following:

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