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Spectrum sensing with USRP2


In this tutorial we'll use the USRPs on the grid for FFT-based spectrum sensing. Each USRP (centered on a frequency with specified bandwidth) will collect data into an OML server for post processing. For details on available USRP2s on the grid, please see available USRP2 HW.

Hardware / Software Resources utilized

  1. Grid nodes with a USRP2 connect via Ethernet.
  2. ubuntu-11-10-gnuradio.ndz: disk image loaded onto nodes. This image has all the precompiled - software required to configure the USRPs and analyze recorded data. The USRP2's interface with the node is already configured.
  3. spectrum: application on node to set up & collect data from USRP2 and send to OML server / local file for recording in database file.
  4. spectrum_console: application on console to configure & initiate spectrum sense application on node.
  5. Octave / sqlite3: for post processing data measured spectrum sense data.

Set up

  • After logging into grid console, make sure all nodes are turned off
    nilanjan@console.grid:~$ omf-5.3 tell -a offh -t system:topo:n210
  • Verify state of node before continuing. Make sure all nodes are in the POWEROFF state.
    nilanjan@console.grid:~$ omf-5.3 stat
  • Image nodes
    nilanjan@console.grid:~$ omf-5.3 load -i ubuntu-11-10-gnuradio.ndz -t system:topo:n210
  • After nodes are imaged, verify that nodes are in POWEROFF state. Otherwise issue the following to turn them off for a reboot
    nilanjan@console.grid:~$ omf-5.3 tell -a offh -t system:topo:n210
  • Turn nodes back on and verify they are in POWERON state
    nilanjan@console.grid:~$ omf-5.3 tell -a on -t system:topo:n210
  • Before proceeding, download the spectrum console application code to your local directory. This is the application that will invoke the application to configure the USRP on the nodes.
    nilanjan@console.grid:~/UHD/SPECTRUM/w$ wget
  • Compile the application code.
    nilanjan@console.grid:~/UHD/SPECTRUM/w$ g++ spectrum_console.cpp -lboost_program_options-mt -loml2 -o spectrum_console


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