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     1= Tutorial 0-1: Reservations =
     3Before you can conduct your experiment on ORBIT, you will need to reserve time on a testbed through the [ online scheduler]. Making a reservation gives you exclusive access to the testbed for the time period you choose. When you make a reservation request, the scheduler service will decide whether to approve or deny your reservation. In most cases, your reservation will be automatically approved within an hour of your requested time slot. Until that time, your reservation will show as "pending". If two people happen to request the same time slot, the scheduler service will decide which user's reservation is approved based on an internal rule set designed to maintain fair access to resources.
     6== Making a reservation ==
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     10== Modifying a reservation ==
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     14== Adding other people to your reservation ==
     15You can, at your discretion, allow other users to access the same resource you have a reservation for. You may decide to do this because you are collaborating with them on a project or the other person needs access to a subset of the testbed you are using and their experiment does not conflict with yours (eg. your experiment uses 5GHz and their's uses 900MHz on different nodes).
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     20== Canceling a reservation ==
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