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    22The switch pointed to boot from the cf card will start up with !XorPlus as its default firmware. If the switch is already flashed with the !OpenFlow image, just go back into u-boot and point the boot command to the cfcard boot parameters. The following commands set the !XorPlus switch up as a regular switch in the Grid's data VLAN (8), with a trunk port on ge-1/1/47 (lower rightmost port) living on native VLAN 1 and a telnet-accessible management interface.
    4 Set management IP addresson eth0:
     4Set management IP address on eth0 (The address used to access the machine via SSH):
    66XorPlus# set interface management-ethernet eth0 address
    6767XorPlus# save running-to-startup
    69 The "multiport" config routine has been made into a (messy) script:
    70 {{{
    71 #!/bin/sh
    73 echo IP addr '('x.x.x.x/mask')'
    74 read IP_ADDR
    75 echo Serial '('e.g. /dev/ttyS0')'
    76 read SERIAL
     70Two scripts were hacked together to make multi-port configurations a bit easier:
    78 echo "configure" >> $SERIAL
    79 sleep 1
    80 echo "set interface management-ethernet eth0 address $IP_ADDR" >> $SERIAL   
    81 sleep 1
    82 echo "set vlans vlan-id 8" >> $SERIAL
    83 echo "set system services telnet connection-limit 7" >> $SERIAL
     721. A bash script for range port configurations over serial. It supports a very limited number of configuration schemes:
     73 * VLAN creation
     74 * port VLAN/type assignment and deleting configurations
     75 * management interface configuration
     76 * "help" or "?" for a list of commands
    85 for i in `seq 1 48`
    86 do
    87         echo "set interface gigabit-ethernet ge-1/1/$i family ethernet-switching native-vlan-id 8"
    88         sleep 1
    89 done >> $SERIAL
    91 echo "set interface gigabit-ethernet ge-1/1/47 family ethernet-switching port-mode trunk" >> $SERIAL
    92 echo "set interface gigabit-ethernet ge-1/1/47 family ethernet-switching native-vlan-id 1" >> $SERIAL
    93 echo "set interface gigabit-ethernet ge-1/1/47 family ethernet-switching vlan members 8" >> $SERIAL
    94 echo "commit" >> $SERIAL
    95 sleep 8
    96 echo "save running-to-startup" >> $SERIAL
    97 echo "exit" >> $SERIAL
    98 echo "configs complete..."
    99 }}}
    100 To use it, run as root, specifying the IP address you want the switch to be set to and the serial interface to the switch.
    102 A more usable script for range port configurations can be found attached to this page. It supports a very limited number of configuration schemes in a mock-IP8800-like CLI:
    103  * VLAN creation
    104  * port VLAN/type assignment
    105  * management port configuration
    106  * "help" or "?" for a list of commands
    107 This script also has to be run as root.
     78This script also has to be run as root, and assumes that your serial device is /dev/ttyUSB0. This should be modified accordingly. When run, the script gives you a mock-switch style CLI:
     1012. A similar script for configuring switches over the network (with its companion support library). The script assumes that you are on a machine that can access the network management VLAN.   
     104~$ ./swconf.rb -h
     105Allows configuration of multiple ports on a Quanta running XorPlus.
     106Usage: ./swconf.rb [host] [port]
     107    -d, --debug                      Enable verbose debugging mode (default: off)
     108    -r, --dryrun                     Do a dry run (Do not actually send command - default: off)
     109    -h, --help                       Display this list
     113~$ ./swconf.rb "s-sb" 10001
     114D, [2011-08-30T12:45:30.578119 #7325] DEBUG -- : host: s-sb port: 10001
     115> help
     116        clear - clear the screen
     117        delete - delete settings
     118        exit - exit script
     119        help - display this list
     120        iface [eth0|eth1] [IP addr] - Configure management interface address. Address is in CIDR form (e.g
     121        ports [portrange] - Configure VLAN and mode of ports in a list of ports [portrange]
     122        save - Commit changes to memory
     123        vlan [VLAN ID] - instantiate a VLAN interface of tag [VLAN ID]
     127> ports 2..4,7
     128(ports)# help
     129        vlan [1..1020]: set native vlan for ports
     130        mode [access|trunk]
     131        delete: wipe out port settings
     132        range [portrange]: configure new range of ports
     133        exit: exit from port context
     136Both can be found as attachments to this page.
    130138=== SSH/Telnet login ===
    131139Verbatim from FAQs (but not in the CLI users manual):