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    100100 and click on Schedule.
    101101You will need your orbit username and password.
     104When should I reserve a slot and how is slot approval done?
     106If a user has an unapproved slot that will begin in 10 minutes, (s)he will receive an email stating
     107the slot has been approved, the calendar will be updated to reflect this, and will be granted access to the requested resource.
     109You should continue to try to plan your experiment slots at least 24hrs in advance to ensure availabilty, and we will continue to approve them.
     110In the event 2 users request the same slot, thereby causing a conflict, we will manually choose (based on a lottery system) who wins the slot.
     111Conflicting slots will not be auto approved. This new addition of automatic slot approvals is mainly for unscheduled and unused slots that people can take advantage of at the last minute.
     113If at 4am you decide you want to run an experiment and there happens to
     114be no one on the grid, you can go ahead and request the unused 4am slot,
     115which will become approved shortly.  There is no guarantee that someone
     116else is not thinking the same thing, thereby causing a conflict, which
     117the scheduler will disregard.