[orbit-user] Unable to image nodes

Vrajesh Vyas vrajeshv at winlab.rutgers.edu
Tue Jun 7 17:19:57 EDT 2011

I was trying to image nodes it gives following error.
 omf-5.2 load [5..15,4..8]
Imaging nodes: '[5..15,4..8]' with image 'baseline.ndz'
(Domain:  default from hostname)
(Timeout:  800 sec.)
 INFO NodeHandler: init OMF Experiment Controller 5.2.408
^CERROR xmppCommunicator: Failed to create ServiceHelper for PubSub Server
'xmpp' - Error: ''
ERROR xmppCommunicator: Failed to remove old PubSub nodes - Error:
'undefined method `remove_all_pubsub_nodes' for nil:NilClass'
ERROR xmppCommunicator: Most likely reason: Cannot connect to PubSubServer:
ERROR xmppCommunicator: Exiting!

Vrajesh Vyas
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