[orbit-user] Hello World tutorial

Thierry Rakotoarivelo Thierry.Rakotoarivelo at nicta.com.au
Fri Feb 13 00:58:19 EST 2009

Dear all,

We fixed the broken "Hello World" tutorial. This basic tutorial is now running 
again on Winlab testbeds.

A short cut to run it is "omf exec --tutorial".

The Winlab web pages describing this tutorial are now out of date. A new set of 
pages are available on our new OMF website at:


This tutorial is now using our new Measurement Collection framework (OML v2). 
More tutorials on how to use OML v2's new features will come soon.

Similarly, we will also soon fix our more advanced "Conference Room" tutorial.

Kind regards,

Thierry Rakotoarivelo
Networked Systems Research Theme - NICTA
Locked Bag 9013, Alexandria, NSW 1435, Australia.
Tel. +61 2 9376 2199 / Fax. +61 2 9376 2024
Web. www.nicta.com.au

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